Climate Partnerships @ COP 23

Bonn, 15th November

Impressions of the Climate Network Meeting in Bonn

A big group is standing in front of a modern building and is cheerfully looking towards the photographer.

During the UN Climate Change Conference COP 23, actors from 18 municipal climate partnerships came together at their international network meeting. The meeting was attended by municipal delegates from Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, Nicaragua, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

An audience is holding green coloured cards.

Which climate partnerships have existed for longer than three years? All those attending the meeting. Having designed joint programmes of action for climate change mitigation and adaptation, they are now implementing these programmes step by step. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

A man is standing at a speaker's desk and talking into a microphone.

Sunandan Tiwari of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – explaining the role of municipalities at international climate change conferences. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

A woman is standing in front of a pin board with picture on it while talking into a microphone.

The climate partnership Lahr – Alajuela (Costa Rica) presenting their waste water management project. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

A woman and a man are standing in front of a pin board with pictures on it, the woman is talking into a microphone while directing towards an audience.

The climate partnership Enzkreis – Masasi (Tanzania) is working in the renewable energy field. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

Two persons are standing in front of a pin board, a woman is talking into a microphone.

Solingen and Thiès (Senegal) are working together on reforestation and erosion control. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

Some persons are sitting in a semi circle and talking to each other.

Delegates from Cape Town (South Africa), La Paz (Bolivia) and Enzkreis (Germany) discussing the aims of the Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, which took place after the network meeting. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

Two men are talking to each other, in the background is a pin board covered with pictures and text on it.

The climate partnership municipalities Zanzibar (Tanzania) and Cape Coast (Ghana) sharing ideas and lessons learned. Photo: Bernadett Yehdou

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