Fourth round table of German-Palestinian municipal partnerships

Changing perspectives enrich municipal partnership work

Impressions of the Round Table

The participants of the 4th Round Table are standing together outside for a group photo, in the background there is the Rhine and parts of the Siebengebirge. All participants look very cheerful and a pleasant mood is noticeable.

Group photo of the participants of the Round Table in front of the picturesque scenery of the Siebengebirge in Bonn. All Photos: Dirk Rose

The participants are sitting in a horseshoe shape in a large conference hall and focussing on the screen on which a video about the round table in the Palestinian territories is shown.

Video impressions of the round table in the Palestinian territories.

Three participants of the fourth round table are standing at a bar table and talking. One participant is looking very concentrated and listening attentively. The other two participants are seen from behind.

The coffee breaks were also used for active exchanges.

Four participants sit in a circle and listen attentively to a participant; one laughs. The atmosphere is relaxed.

Before the role-play, the "Palestinians" and the "Germans" received background information in order to empathize the situation.

Seven participants sit at a table. Of these, five participants are involved in a conversation, two participants are observing from a distance. All are listening intently to one participant.

The meeting between the fictional communities of "Amselfeld" and "Al Salam" required a delicate touch.

Three participants sit at a table and discuss the results. One participant is taking notes and another is presenting the results. She looks focused and concentrated.

During the evaluation of the role-play, the different perspectives once again came to the fore.

Participants in a group label a poster with the caption: "Away with bureaucracy" and collect ideas for improving cooperation between civil societies and municipalities.

Less bureaucracy and more open communication could bring municipalities and civil society closer together, according to a conclusion from the "Municipality and Civil Society - Hand in Hand" topic table.

Six participants sit at a table and exchange ideas they have collected. One participant explains an idea in more detail, the rest of the participants listen with attention and interest.

Civil society and municipal representatives shared ideas for improving collaboration in the spirit of partnership.

Six participants stand together in front of a poster and have a look at the collected results.

At the "Municipal Partnership - Everyone's on Board" theme table, valuable ways of integrating citizens of all ages, local politicians and different departments in the administration were collected and further developed.