International kick-off workshop

Sixth phase of the project 'Municipal Climate Partnerships'


A man is standing in front of a speakers desk and is talking into a microphone.

Dirk Schwenzfeier, Commissioner for the Private Sector and Local Authorities at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), holding an official welcome address. Photo: Martin Magunia

Participants are talking to each other sitting a round tables.

Sharing ideas at the kick-off workshop for the sixth phase of the project 'Municipal Climate Partnerships'. Photo: Martin Magunia

A big group is standing on stairs, all of them are friendly looking in the direction of the camera.

Participants of the sixth phase at the international kick-off workshop in Bremen. Photo: Martin Magunia

A group is smiling in the direction of the camera, two men are presenting a document.

Handing over the Memoranda of Understanding for the climate partnership between the City of Windhoek in Namibia and the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen in Germany. Photo: Martin Magunia

Three persons are sitting at a table, a man is standing and talking in front of them.

Delegates from Cologne (Germany) and Yarinachocha (Peru) working on their stakeholder analyses. Photo: Martin Magunia

Two persons are standing in front of a pin board, a woman is fastening a paper at the pin board, a man is meanwhile writing..

The Munich delegation arranging their stakeholder analysis. Photo: Martin Magunia

A group is standing in a row, all of them are smiling, one of them, a woman is talking into a microphones.

The members of the municipal climate partnerships project team attending the workshop (foreground). Photo: Martin Magunia