Fact Sheets - Municipal Climate Partnerships

How municipalities work together on climate protection and climate adaptation

Fact Sheets on Municipal Climate Partnerships

Fact Sheet 1: Integrating the informal sector
Fact Sheet 2: Participatory masterplannung
Fact Sheet 3: Using waste management facility for environmental education
Fact Sheet 4: Adressing the entire value chain
Fact Sheet 5: Take advantage of funding and delegation trips
Fact Sheet 6: Training and advisory services to facilitate complex waste processing
Fact Sheet 7: Training and raising awareness on solar energy
Fact Sheet 8: Needs-based, cross-sectoral project design
Fact Sheet 9: Civil society engagement
Fact Sheet 10: Bulding local structures und using local resources
Fact Sheet 11: High-quality preliminary study as a basis
Fact Sheet 12: Measuring success and making it visible
Fact Sheet 13: Work package for approvals and expert opinions
Fact Sheet 14: Nature-based solutions for adaptation to climate change